Thursday, 19 April 2012

Teeming with wildlife

Things are shaping up on site. Many thanks to all of the people that have helped out so far. We have had teams of volunteers in who have been learning how we are turning long term pasture back into productive land for growing vegetables, whilst being very careful to minimise and protect the wildlife that has taken up residence.

Starling (Mike Dimmery)
Sections of the fields have been ploughed in blocks leaving nature corridors. As we go we have been checking for slow worm and other reptiles. We have discovered that the large meadow and overgrown fruit tree glade area is a favourite lunching spot for a flock of resident Starlings. They are become quite rare so nice to see a big family of them enjoying the delights on offer in our field.

All the boundaries are heaving with blossom as they are made up of mature fruit trees. Amongst them are apples, pears, plums and cherry. Most have been unmanaged for years so are full of ivy and covered in moss. This makes a great habitat for nesting birds and potentially the dormice on site. In the evening there are a lot of bats flying overhead. The old barn and ivy-covered trees create great roosts for the bats, and the meadows and overgrown boundaries provide them with an abundance of food.

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