Thursday, 10 May 2012

Rehabilitating the soil

Our second poly tunnel is being be revitalised and brought back to life. The soil has been compacted and baked dry over the years. Plants were grown in pots rather than in the compact lifeless soil.  Our team of dedicated miners got to work with sharpened forks and chiselled away.  We didn’t find a single living thing. It is now on an intense organic diet to rehabilitate the amazing soil. Firstly it was dug over, then soaked and finally the rotavator could break up the rock like structure. Piles of compost have been dug in along with some organic cow manure heaving with worms. Like a miracle the beautiful red soil looks alive again.  We will nourished the soil with liquid feed made from nettles, plant mustard which can be dug in and add some vermaculture juice from a local wormery thanks to Richard and his army of worms. Hopefully we will see a crop of tomatoes by late summer. Over the coming years we will steadily rebuild the soil structure until it is teaming with life again.

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