Thursday, 4 October 2012

Harvest Festival

We had great fun at the Harvest Festival celebrating a very productive first year. Other than involving lots of different community groups, putting down the infrastructure, setting up effective teams of volunteers, making a splash and networking with the buzzing local food scene in Bristol, we have also been growing some immensely tasty vegetables.

Saturday was all about showing people how we did it and then feasting on all the lovely organic veg. Thanks to all chefs and creative people we made an assortment of dishes. We danced several jigs and ate many a slices of tremendously tasty cake from the 'Grow Your Own' herbal cafe. We have been growing a range of herbs to fill our tea pots and keep us healthy through the seasons.

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  1. The talking, singing, eating and greeting and seeing the young join in was uplifting. Thanks to all who contributed to the harvest gathering.