Sunday, 17 March 2013

Bristol Seed Swap SPRINGS into action

Thanks to everyone for a massive effort to make this such a success – especially to Belinda and her team from Bristol Seed Swap (see their Facebook page to get involved with their events). If anyone wants to support Feed Bristol with our future events or use the site to host your own event, contact us on:

Around 400 people descended on Feed Bristol to swap seeds and tales of adventure in the garden. There was a big emphases on making a connection with the living landscape around us. The day kick started with a walk and talk up the valley to Simms Hill, where the inspiring Patrick Whitefield explored the heritage and immense potential this unique living landscape we live in offers.

A big thanks to 'The Blue Finger Alliance' who hosted an all day running forum on the importance of protecting the precious high grade soil which runs up the valley that Feed Bristol sits on and linking up key thinking on how Bristol can secure local food production for the future. As part of this campaign we will be bringing this issue to George Ferguson. To find out how to get involved, support the group or send a postcard to George - see our website:

There was a whole host of other successful talks and workshops including Mike Feingold and the Bristol Pound. We had a workshop to raise our new wooden A-frame bodgers shelter which popped up just in time for the rain and the bands to start playing. Thanks to Rypelwood Workers Coop for supplying locally sourced materials and highly skilled green woodworkers (

Finally, hopefully see you all for our next event on the 6th April for a festive Easter potato hunt. Find you spud and cook it on our fire. Lots of other healthy fun activities to follow including scarecrow making – see our events calendar on the other tab on this blog.

                                         In the poly tunnel where all good things begin!

                                          Putting the bits together.

                                         Thanks to Ushti Baba

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